OpenSAND provides an easy and flexible way to emulate an end-to-end satellite communication system.


OpenSAND allows to emulate :

  • mesh and star configuration schemes.
  • as well as multispot and multigateway topologies.

Network-to-network Interconnection

OpenSAND supports IPv4, IPv6 and Ethernet connectivity.

It can be interconnected with real equipment and other IP-based networks (terrestrial and/or satellite), or even the Internet backbone.

Configuration & Supervision interface

Provides configuration and monitoring (real time and offline) tools allowing to evaluate the performance of the emulated scenarios.

Distributed platform where entities can be remotely managed.

Other features

  • Adaptive physical layer (with simulated channel conditions)
  • MF-TDMA bandwidth sharing (DAMA/SCPC)
  • GSE and RLE encapsulation
  • Ip-to-MAC queue mapping